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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Crazy instagram-altered pic of Ojai palms
Our friend at the pool
Romaine, deconstructed
Carpaccio with crunchy salt and microgreens
Tasting at the Casa Barranca organic tasting room
My dinner outfit.  Doesn't it look like a 70's polaroid?

We were Ojai Valley Inn virgins.  Now we're not.  We spent the most relaxing, peaceful, enjoyable, mature date night out at this quaint little inn last night and had such a grand time.  The service was phenom, the property was absolutely gorgeous and serene.  We saw 2 bird friends while there; a falcon and a large gray pelican by the pool, who kept us company.  It was empty!  We felt like the only people at the resort.  For dinner at Marvilla we had a deconstructed caesar salad (i love) and carpaccio to start.  I had the Halibut with parsnip puree (a new fave) and hubs had the juicy pork chop with shredded brussels.  Then we curled up in bed and watched tv, a guilty pleasure that I only allow the both of us while in hotels.  I'm so zen.

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