My New Obsession

Friday, September 30, 2011

Some combinations are just meant to be.  I know this looks weird but think of it as sort of grits-y.  Savory oats with a little parm and salt and a soft boiled egg over with just a big of the yolk running into it.  You are either a runny egg lover or not.  I didn't used to be and then I realized all the things I was missing out on.  Lardons salad with frisee, this...

I found the recipe on one of my favorite food blogs here.  Happy breakfasting.

The Family That Juices Together, Stays Together

Monday, September 19, 2011
Carrott/Kale with a Carrott/Celery Chaser

Kale Lemonade, My 2nd fave

Beet/Aloe/ginger/lemon/green apple - my fave.

We bought a juicer and we started out being a little obsessed with it like we do all our new appliances.  the bread maker, the rice maker...they are all in hibernation right now and the juicer is out taking center stage.  I feel kinda bad for the breadmaker, but it doesn't really support a gluten-free lifestyle.  I've never been a juicer but one day this gal at the gym convinced me to get a "liver cleanse" juice at the earth bar.  I was immediately taken by its hot fuchsia color and the big hit of ginger and lemon.  Plus, I'll admit I was a little hungski, and it was a "liver cleanse" after all.  Convinced I was doing the body good, a brought one home to honey and he started researching juicers ASAP.  We had one being sent by Amazon that very day.  Call us crazy but even if this trend only lasts a few short months in this household, those will be healthy ones.  So far, so good.

Liver Cleanse Juice

makes 2

2 raw trimmed beets
1 lemon
1-2 inch peice of ginger
1/2 to whole green apple
4oz aloe juice (whole fillet)

cram into juicer and add more to taste depending on hoe lemony/gingery you like it.  feel your liver cleansing of toxins. ahhh

Kale Lemonade recipe here.

What I bought Wednesdays

Wednesday, September 14, 2011
So delish it got me back into G+T's
I went to run a few errands today and got lured into Whole Foods and Sur La Table.  AGAIN.  I created reasons why I needed stuff.  I really do need this stuff though.  

So I've been reading all over about this Q Tonic and I decided to buy it.  It is just as delicious as its alluring description of hand-picked quinine and agave and everything else that flicks my bic.  I recommend buying it in smaller bottles though because it loses its fizz fast and I don't use enough in a weekend to justify wasting an entire bottle (Thank god).  The smaller bottle come in a 4-pack and Ginger flavor too!  I can't wait to try it.
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So these are obviously essentials, some I already own and just wanted to give myself some cute updates.  I always used to buy those decorative dishwashing gloves because they are so cute and funny with burberry trim and what not but I have to say these blue ones take the cake for durability and I am washing a bottles ALL DAY LONG.  

I always had a microplane grater but didn't think about the fact that there are varying grate widths to make your life even easier.  This one is coconut, hard cheese and chocolate!  I intend to own every one cuz I like my gear and stuff.

This Chai below is super spicy and I was on a wicked Chai kick. Its awesome diluted with almond milk on ice. 

Sorry to throw y'all with the format change but I couldn't figure out how to get my cursor below this picture.  Someday when I have a fabulous web designer to pimp my blog I'll get it right.


Thursday, September 8, 2011
Palm Desert at night.  Still 100 degrees

Fauna and Flora

Iced coffee melted almost immediately

Our patient.  Notice the grim mood.

My veggie omlette was light and satisfying

Mexi breakfast rules!

Exotic wildlife at the hotel

Honey, acting a fool
116.  That was the temp the whole weekend in Palm Desert.  Our poor baby was sick and we eventually had to leave right before our big dinner at Castelli's : (
Ah well the life of new parents.  I highly recommend La Qunita Resort to anyone with or without kids.  There are adult pools and kids pools and almost every little hotel room complex has its own small pool so you don't have to walk far.  We sat outside our room with the monitor and drank wine by the pool while our baby slept.  Score.  We squeezed in one good dinner with our friends at Armando's Dakota Bar & Grill.  Maybe the strongest margs in the world.  Armando doesn't f around.  We are going to try for another 1-nighter before November.  This time we learned our lesson.

Diet Dinner n Dogs

Tuesday, September 6, 2011
My super healthy salad lunch

Corn salsa - perfect summer accoutrement

Perfectly al dente asparagus

Lisa is the master at cooking fish

I had dinner at my friend Lisa's house a while back and I just get so damn excited when someone cooks for me I can't tell you.  Bonus points for fish because honey hates it.  I do all the cooking in this house unless it's grill-friendly or guacamole so a home cooked meal is like crack to me.  It was nice to get out and relax with the girls, be mellow, eat healthy delicious food and be in our sweats!  Also we get to snuggle with these precious babies, her dogs Kai and Sula.

Saturday Night Cocktail

Sunday, September 4, 2011
Post MB's manhattan with sazerac rye, vanilla, caramel, bacon

Rose champagne.  Notice the trend?

Man with a Peeler

Friday, September 2, 2011
Sliced asparagus salad with blue cheese, toasted slivered almonds, crispy proscuitto and parm

Our fave rose eva.  Higher alcohol content too, yeaahhhh

We had a nice little early cocktail/apps/wine thing at our dear friends' Glen and Caroline's house.  We brought our favorite rose in the world and some vegan crostini and they had a platter of good eats as always.  They have introduced us to so many interesting things food-wise; black garlic, good belly, the best farmers market finds to be had at the Korean table, the hottest salsas, and of course wines we could not find elsewhere if we tried.  Glen was just featured in a great new book that has gained quite a bit of recognition amongst the food blogs (that I read anyway) about men cooking for their families.  Its called Man with a Pan and its a neat little read!  Good stuff.  I love spending time with friends, eating and drinking.  Isn't that why we're here?
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