Club de Lecture and what I bought

Wednesday, July 25, 2012
Great for making sun tea
I usually use cloth but I don't always enough! Jeesh!
Big hunk o salmon
I have grown quite fond of my chalkboard menu thank you very much

It was my turn to host book club and since the book (50 Shades, duh...) was randy and smutty I though a French theme was in order. So I made my fave Salmon Nicoise salad and took the ladies out to the backyard for a garden party.  We munched on walnut blue cheese dip, a cheese platter and sipped champagne.  Then we sat around the tale for an hour or 2 discussing who should play Christian Grey in the movie, and nibbling a scrumptious cherry crumble.  Book club is way funner than I imagined it being all these years I avoided it.

Other notable purchases on WIBW: Giant BPA free plastic pitchers for sun tea and the like, scores of entertaining napkins and a big ole slab of salmon for the Nicoise.  Recipe here.

Yogi food tutorial

Sunday, July 15, 2012
You can't tell, but this house is rad
Pretty cauliflower
Ladies who watch other ladies cook
Farmers Market veggies from  Farm Box LA
The makings of a pineapple/mint spritzer
Mung beans, brown rice and veggies, bubbling away
The lovely mother/daughter team
A Friend wandered in mid-class
The hubs making his own un-yogi dinner of PB&J

I went to a cooking class a few weeks ago and I'm just getting around to covering the details now.  How embarrassing.  How lazy of me.  Seriously, I used to feel lazy but now that I chase an almost 2 year old all over town (notice I didn't say 21-month-old, ew) I feel ENTITLED to laziness and hell I even bask in it.  So back to this cooking class.  The theme has Yogi Indian Food from India.  I can't decide if I went to the cooking class to enjoy this incredible home or to educate myself further in the world of healthy wholesome vegetarian fare.  My friend Alex and I (pictured above right with me) went on a homes tour in Manhattan and Hermosa Beach and this home was on it.  we were so taken by the layout, decor and utter gorgeousness of everything we were practically Pinterest-ing everything with our brains.  I was taking interior design mental notes for sure.  They had a brochure out for cooking classes so of course we jumped right on them and signed up yes to cook but also to see this home again.  The pix just don't give it a lick of justice.

The menu was yummy and right up my alley:

Vegetable Mung Beans and Rice
Chola Tikki (chickpea patties) with dipping sauce
Roasted Cauliflower
Samosa Style Sweet Potatoes
Mini halwa (carrot pudding) pies

The chick pea patties were very similar to falafel (yummy), and I loved the soupy rice/veg/kale mix with tons of indian spices.  The sweet potato were basically oven fries, who can go wrong there, but the only thing I didn't care for were the pies.  I love dessert and raw or almost raw sweets but for some reason I wasn't a fan.  I totally respect the effort though, I love playing around with raw/dehydrated desserts and its always a hit or miss for me...

It was a fun night and we shared wine and gabbed with a super interesting mix of ladies as the sun set over Hermosa Beach. I love that! It was more of a cooking party than instruction.  You could sit back and sip wine or wander around and help chop veggies.    Lisa and Marisa were warm hosts and I am never disappointed by an evening of food.  Especially when I learn something.

Cold brew, yo

Friday, July 13, 2012

I am pretty obsessed with cold pressed coffee as of late.  I have been drinking my Black PG tips tea and feeling pretty British and lovely and all, but I have always been a coffee girl and I felt like I was cheating on it.  I heard that cold brewing it lowers the acid and makes it more digestible and friendly on the old gut so I decided to give it a go with my bag of Zen Blend Organic fair trade beans.

I used the cold brew recipe found here and hubbs and I are officially obsessed.  Its easier on my tummy and SUPAH smooth.  Has anyone seen the movie Ted yet?  I thought it was stupid but with extremely funny parts and I loved the Boston component, obvi.

So anyways, brew cold!  It feels like kind of a mini science project with little effort and no grades. : )

Quintessential 4th!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Cookies, junk food and a cloudy beach day.  Need I say more?
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