Italy = Napa. Part II

Thursday, July 31, 2014
Very fancy tasting with my sis' FIL at Hall

Incredible tartare at Farmstead

Can't beat the arties out here


I was enchanted by the musty smell of the caves

Pride Vineyards barrels

Flora & Fauna abound

Sherwin Family's delicious rose

Sherwin property

Lunch from the Oakville Grocery

Barnett has the best view

Gorgeous farmhouse chic at The Reserve

Hall had incredible artwork in the fermenting room and the caves!

This chandelier of aupsidedown vine was like a winter wonderland

Cocktails at L'Auberge

Perhaps the best grain free paleo bread I've ever had. I begged them to ship to me!

So the journey through Napa and SF continues and so does the eating and drinking. Highlights were the following;
  • Enjoying a lengthy tour and knockout wine taste at The Reserve, thanks for our friends, The Cravatt's!
  • A beautiful bottle of bubbly and a touching note from my friends waiting for us after dinner
  • Hills and mountains and countryside...the air just smells better
  • A private tasting at Hall under twinkling crystals
  • A leisurely picnic lunch at Sherwin family while we tasted
  • Our punchy tasting host at Barnett
  • Dogs everywhere Dogs
  • 5 course tasting menu at Redd in scenic Yountville
  • Discovering the coolest decanter ever at Michael Chiarello's Bottega
  • The most incredible Gluten free bread, cinnamon rolls, brownies & grain-free bread bakery at The Oxbow market
  • Discovering a nifty artisanal cocktail joint in random downtown Napa
  • Wine with lunch every day
  • Learning that life is an adventure is you just let go and trust

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