Memories of Home

Monday, September 8, 2014

How can you see people drinking this at a bar and not order one?

Sink tubbies are the best

Our night to cook - baked haddock and scallops..and lobstah!

We finally made it to Neptune oysters for amazing seafood


Street pizza is best when eaten directly after a huge lunch of oysters and wine

Fist pumping that obnoxious watermelon cocktail

Departing Clams and chowdah with a Sam Adams

My girl maria and I, always in trouble

I miss family

The flight attendant gave us free drinks because Blake wouldn't stop crying. Thanks.
Travel is exhausting

Home sweet home. Its really bittersweet home because we miss you so but we are not prepared to move back. Ever.  I think we would love to be bicoastal and buy a little brownstone in the city but for now its 1-2 trips a year until Blake can stop squawking on the plane and crawling down the aisles at lightening speed. It is so hard to be away from family and old friends.  It is so nice to return home and hear the familiar accents and giggle about them like they sound foreign.  Its so nice to walk in to so many restaurants and have the freshest seafood.  Its so nice to have a home cooked meal every night in a different home, laughing to tears over bottles of wine.  Its so nice to sing old songs on the porch at night with your dad and cousins at the top of your lungs on too many Dark n' Stormies.  Its also nice to come back home and have bittersweet memories of people who love you, so far away...

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