Roasted Banana Coconut Ice Cream and a wicked good gluten free scone

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

 The scone recipe was cranberry orange from Elana's Pantry (duh)

So was this ice cream.  It was a little too banana-forward for my tastebuds but it was supah creamy and whats wrong with that I ask you...nuthin.

Northern Bean Coffee Cake & Mexican Hot Chocolate Ice Cream

Monday, February 7, 2011
As you know I've been thoroughly obsessed with my 2 new cookbooks and it seems I'm on a race or rather mission to cook as many of the recipes in them as possible.  As soon as I put the baby down I'm in the kitchen, trying out the next dogeared page. This past week was Mexican Hot Chocolate Ice Cream from Elana's blog and Coffee Cake from The Spunky Coconut's new cookbook.

Here are the fruits of my labor...

 The cake was so good it almost fooled my husband, but I was so excited about it I blew my cover and leaked that it was made of beans.  He usually hates even the yummiest of my alternative baked treats but he gobbled this one up without a stink. 

So creamy and decadent and SPICY!  I love that.  Coconut milk is the only way to make ice cream as far as I'm concerned and the agave nectar made it perfectly sweet.  I didn't miss the sugar at all...

Cookbook crazy

Tuesday, February 1, 2011
I just bought a bunch of cookbooks and I've been trying out new recipes as soon as I get the nugget down for a nap.  I know its crazy.  People ask me how I have time to bake coconut bread and make peanut butter ice cream and I tell them this is my way to wind down and indulge. I love to cook especially alone and uninterrupted.  Are you with me?  Ok.  Here's what I've been busy in the kitchen with...

 Kelly is kinda brillz and her knowledge of the grain free world is fascinating.  Did you know chia seeds have 3x's the iron of spinach?  I'm nuts 'cause I get off on that kind of information.  She makes cakes and breads out of soaked great northern beans and it just blows my mind.  I made some cupcakes the other day and the texture was amazing, flavor phenom.  I was really impressed.

I have some coconut sandwich bread baking right now.  I'll post it when it comes out.

Elana Amsterdam has a beautiful blog with easy, simple minimal ingredient gluten-free recipes which are all excellent!  She uses agave which I love and the only weird thing you have to buy is a 5 lb bag of blanched almond flour from  You won't find it at Whole Foods and Almond Meal Flour from Trader Joe's just ain't the same, yo. I like her recipes because they always work, they're delish and they don't have any of those other crazy flours that most gluten-free recipes call for like brown rice and tapioca flour which I think have a weird smell and texture.  I always think classic gluten free flour baked goods taste and smell like dishwasher water.  I don't know, its just how I feel.

So get crazy in 2011 and bake with some alternative flours if you want to make a healthy committment or resolution or whatever.  So much better than low calorie this and that.  Your gut will thank you, I swear.
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