A belated birthday post

Monday, April 22, 2013
Oysters at Ink that I couldn't touch (sniff)
Lollipop kale with lardo & pig ear chips
Branzino with crunchy cauliflower chips

Beef cheeks - amaze

I know my birthday was a month ago, but that's how blogging goes these days.  We celebrated it right, going to MV Ink (my gyno's recommendation, ha ha) and of course having a girly lunch at Strand house in MB on a sunny Saturday.  My friend Kate made me this amazing ombre cake and I ate half of it in 3 days time.  Not a joke. Our experience at Ink was incredible.  The dishes all had an unexpected twist and the taste and service to back it up.  How good is a restaurant when You have excellent service and a waiter who genuinely loves what he's talking about?  The oysters had frozen pearls of mignonette, and the beef cheeks had beet string or something crazy.  It was all hearty and delicious, not just works of art.  I love a good birthday.

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