My Birfday

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I had a glooorious birthday a few weeks ago and had to document it.  Sorry there are no pix of the sushi from Sashi where I had my b day but I was waaaay too busy talking and eating to share.  If you want to see some old pics from past Sashi dinners, check it out here. So Saturday night I spent with all my friends giggling and cocktailing and yucking it up at a big long table eating piles of sushi and yummy non-sushi dishes like lightly battered tempura shrimp and filet robata grill skewers.  Crispy rice tuna joined the party as well of course...

I have to say the next day was even better.  We shlepped around the house since it was raining out (after starting the day off with pancakes at Ocean Ave Diner of course - A birthday must!) and did nothing.  Silas gave my cupcakes from Susie cakes in bed.  I think the coconut & chocolate on chocolate were my faves.  Do you like the half-eaten picture? I ate about 3.  Yeah, that happened.

We had dinner at Waterloo & City (pix to follow) and just had such a nice mellow day.  Silas helped out a lot with the baby and it was just nice to be catered to on my birthday.  I can't wait until Mother's Day...

Sunday Funday: Hot's Kitchen

Monday, March 28, 2011

We love it when new restaurants pop up in our area and love it even more when they're good.  Hot's Kitchen opened about a month ago in Hermosa Beach and we have to give it a huge thumbs up.  One of our biggest concerns with a brand new restaurant is SERVICE among everything else because that alsways seems to be hurting when restaurants are in the beginning stages, getting their feet and trying to be organized and good all at once.  I think we had 4 different people serving to us and checking on us the whole meal as well as one one solid waiter they could not have been more professional or friendly.  

The food was great.  Everything is a small plate (mini burgers & street-sized tacos) so you can taste and share and order multiples.  My favorite kind of meal!  There are a million tacos on the back and they go anywhere from basic chicken to sushi to exotic "gator" tacos.  We started with the fried oyster mushrooms with balsamic syrup.  Yummy.  I tried the Bistro burger with gruyere and carmelized onion and avocado and a raw tuna taco with seaweed and edamame puree.  It was delish.  My husband and I split the Cubano taco and that was serious good eats - not to be missed.

A Delirium Tremens Belgian Ale rounded it out and we went home happy with full bellies.  Can't wait to go back.

Gimme S'more

Friday, March 18, 2011
I just needed a moment to talk about Goldfish S'mores Adventures.  Graham cracker fish, chocolate fish and tiny little Lucky Charms-esque marshmallow fish.  


Valentines 4Eva - a little late

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A great big homemade Valentine, homemade chocolate chip cookies (not gluten-free or with any crazy alternative sugars) and chicken parmesan.  That's how much I love my man.  I love you, honey!

Date Night

Monday, March 14, 2011

We ate at Simmzy's in Manhattan beach the other night.  It was such a nice evening.  Ice cold Belgium ales, fish tacos and this gorgemous pulled pork sandwich which totally won the prize.  Dax was really good and there was a nice little sunset from our seats.  I love nights like this with kind of brisk fall evening weather.  I also am slightly obsessed with the 8mm camera app on my phone.  Too much fun.
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