Backtracking...Kings of Leon

Monday, October 27, 2014

Silas took me to the Kings of Leon concert at The Forum as part of my 40th birthday present.  It was really a romantic gesture because he's not a fan of them at all.  We had 3rd row seats on the floor and I've never been that close to a concert my whole life.  It was incredible.  The Local Natives opened up for them and they are currently a new favorite.  Their music is so deep and touching.  One of the singers dedicated a song to his mother who had passed away recently.  Holding back tears on that one.  Hopefully these vids will come through as beautiful as they sounded live and not as shit iphone vids.  Either way, enjoy.

How good is live music? Are you as passionate as me about it? Its amazing how band can transform your impression on them solely by their live performance. I've lost respect for artist hearing them live, and found new favorites and admiration for others.  Its so fascinating to me to be see what musicians come alive onstage.  Most of the time, I am not disappointed.  Jim James of My Morning Jacket touched on these events so beautifully when he said during one show I saw; "Its really nice to be here together, get away from our iPhones, our screens and our lives and just participate".

How often do we do that???

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