Little people vs big people food

Friday, February 1, 2013
Mom's salad: shred chick, escarole, snap peas, quinoa, peppers, almonds and annie's mango poppyseed dressing
Mom's Dinner
Mini pizza dinner for him
Trader Joe's gluten free mac n cheese, peppers, shredded chicken, mozz stick and buttered pretzel bread

I tried to have the little squirt eat the same meals as we do, sit down to dinner with us, eat kale salad and salmon and brussel sprouts, but its just not working.  I was starting to take it personally and the "I wanna get down" demands repeated infinity were making me koo koo.  So I caved, and we are doing big people/little people separate meals.  I'll include him when he's older and his alligator tears don't affect me so much. But for now, its kale to the left, mac n cheese to the right. 
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