German Christmas Markets

Thursday, November 11, 2010
My Aunt is going to Germany for Thanksgiving this year.  I am sooo jealous.  Europe really decks out for the holidays and not in a cheezy way like America with our huge rainbow lights and tinsel.  They do it classy and festive!  I remember studying in Florence in college and I got super homesick once December rolled around because the streets were so beautifully decorated it made me reminiscent for home and the holidays.

Here's some pix of the German Christmas Markets.  Don't you just want to be there?

I'm excited for the holidays already!

All pics  from google images

Fall Feasts

Saturday, November 6, 2010
The Stars...

roast chicken.  here is a recipe I want to try.

homemade hot chocolate (I have to make mine with unsweetened hershey's cocoa, hot milk and agave)

apple rustic tart (its even good with a frozen spelt crust!)

pumpkin bread

and of course butternut squash soup! duh!

what are your favorite fall foods?

images from google and weheartit


Tuesday, October 19, 2010
I can't stop making soup. Seriously. I'm nesting like a mad hen and walking all over South Bay trying to shake this child out of me. This is what I've made so far...
Green Soup.  I made Nigella's pea and pesto and my fave veg soup with zucchini, leek, spinach and limas.

Ina's Roasted Veg Soup Recipe

Buffalo chili

Vegan Creamy Cauliflower Bisque with cashew cream recipe

Tonight I'm thinking lentil veggie...

Or kale, white bean and sausage...

What are your favorite soups?

Images from foodnetwork & google images

Santa Barbara Babymoon

Tuesday, September 28, 2010
Just some pix of our last road trip to Santa Barbara for some adult, alone time before baby.

Supah fresh flowers in the lobby of Bacara, welcoming our arrival.

(google images)
(google images)
Cheese glorious was called epiphany!
wahhhh.  4 more weeks...

SB is known for its sea urchin
Whole roasted branzino with israeli cous cous

One of our faves, hidden gems of a winery
Lunch at Los Olivos Cafe.  I was excited because they went here in Sideways. (source)
Steak Cobb salad
My Salmon salad with yellow beets which Silas made fun of because I always get salmon
A little shopping in town.  No he would never wear that...
Over-the-top decor at the Chase bar

Lamb chops at Ca Dario
Bolognese - so rich!

This praying mantis joined us on the balcony one night
Sunday Breakfast Buffet - gotta love my choices
I loved the giant bowls of soy chai they served!

I highly recommend a babymoon!
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