Meatless French Cooking Class

Wednesday, August 31, 2011
Wild mushroom bourguinon flatbread! Made with puff pastry!!

Arti and Zucch gratin

Veggie bouillabaisse

I attended this delightful meatless french cooking class back in May ( I'm a little behind in my blogging eeeek) at my fave spot; simple gourmet. Its always so fun and laid back and casual.  We drank wine, made super hearty rich french dishes into figure-friendly (for the most part) meals and of course ate ate ate.  The flatbread was by far my fave besides the deliciousness just that fact that was so gosh darn easy.  You can experiment with the flatbread options in so many ways! Carmelized onions and smoked gouda, or cherry tomatoes with fresh herbs, burrata & truffle oil - delish!  I liked the dessert but I'm a bigger fan of eton mess.  This is one of my fave recipes.  I will get back to blogging more soon.  Tootles.
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