Santa Barbara Babymoon

Tuesday, September 28, 2010
Just some pix of our last road trip to Santa Barbara for some adult, alone time before baby.

Supah fresh flowers in the lobby of Bacara, welcoming our arrival.

(google images)
(google images)
Cheese glorious was called epiphany!
wahhhh.  4 more weeks...

SB is known for its sea urchin
Whole roasted branzino with israeli cous cous

One of our faves, hidden gems of a winery
Lunch at Los Olivos Cafe.  I was excited because they went here in Sideways. (source)
Steak Cobb salad
My Salmon salad with yellow beets which Silas made fun of because I always get salmon
A little shopping in town.  No he would never wear that...
Over-the-top decor at the Chase bar

Lamb chops at Ca Dario
Bolognese - so rich!

This praying mantis joined us on the balcony one night
Sunday Breakfast Buffet - gotta love my choices
I loved the giant bowls of soy chai they served!

I highly recommend a babymoon!

Monkey Face

Saturday, September 25, 2010
OMG I figured out what I'm making the squirt for his birthday numero uno.  
Get cuter!  
Pix and blog entry from smittenkitchen.

Korean Kick

Wednesday, September 22, 2010
I've been on a Korean Food kick and I like it.  I ripped two pages out of Women's Health a while ago and they were recipes for 2 dishes I wanted to try.  The first was Japchae.  It looked like yummy, lo-mein-y stir fried noodles.  It was super easy, and Honey had 3 servings and basically housed the whole wok.  I used napa cabb, soba noodles, peppers, green onions & enoki mushrooms.  Even though it was all "fried" per say, it was just stir-fried at a high temp so everything was properly caramelized.  YUM.

Bi Bim Bop
The next dish is super popular and called Bi Bim Bop.  Its like a decomposed stir fry.  You cook everything separately and them portion into little neat categories on your dish.  Its a fun presentation and I am a big fan of lots of options and varieties and tastes when I eat so it was the best thing ever to me.  I used asparagus instead of the called-for zucchini, spinach, carrots, onion, enoki, egg, brown rice and I made the bulgogi from hormone-free, humanely raised sirloin steak.  Yummers.  And Healthy!

Salad with asian vinaigrette & fried brown rice

Ok, so three days in a row, can you believe?  I guess this has been my form of pregnancy cravings because when I eat something I like, I'll crave it for 3 days in a row.  This is one of my fave salads.  I use Trader Joe's Organic Spring mix, avocado, cuke, tomato and make an asian vinaigrette like this one.  I love Alicia Silverstone's recipe for fried brown rice.  The flavors are just simple and good.  I used the leftover rice and just added my own flair (translation - what I had laying around) with frozen peas, carrots, orange pepper & green onion.  It was satisfying a healthy and I felt all cleansed and happy.  Just wanted to share that with you.  Now go make some.
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