NY Part II

Sunday, April 25, 2010
We went to Norma's for the first time.  Jesus.  The plates of food were just unreal.  It took me an hour to decide.  I got hot chestnut pancakes with candied chestnuts and brown sugar sauce.  Cousin got Norma's blueberry pancakes with devonshire cream.  We all ate until we were sick and went walking after on 5th ave to search for a birthday present for moi.
Ok.  My man had to fit in his beloved Katz's deli visit before we left the big Apple and I would not have denied him that.  So we ate this gut bomb of a breakfast.  Corned beef sandwich on rye with a SIDE of chopped chicken liver and fried eggs with a bagel. Oh my gosh.  We had to walk back tot he hotel after that.  We made our way past Russ and Daughter's famous appetizers and smoked salmon & then we walked from the lower east side to Greenwich village to Magnolia bakery to get cupcakes.  See, it didn't take long.... 
Patricia Fields' famous trashy storefront.  So SITC! 
Cute graffiti on the bathroom wall of a coffee shop.
Peter Luger's was the grand finale.   We started with the bacon appetizer and tomato and onion salad.  My cousin, the master of the meal, insisted we top it with the house "steak sauce" and have a small bite of each all together.  Like a BLT type of thing.  Then just basic steak and baked potato, accompanied by creamed spinach.  I was very jealous of their martinis but I got over it. Man.  I love NY. 

(picture sources: cupcakes, katz's exterior, peter luger's exterior, )

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