NY Part 1

Monday, April 5, 2010
We stayed at the Gramercy Park hotel by Union Square.  It was very charming.  Our room was a little dark, but cozy and colorful.  What we loved about the hotel was that the whole place smelled like burnt embers and cedar.  We asked them what it was, and they said it was a candle that they actually sell in the mini bar!  Its called Cade 26 and its by Le Labo.  We immediately packed it to take home.  Probably cost us 30 bones but we thought it was worth every penny.
(L'artusi pic from L'artusi website)
The first night in NY we went to a busy little bistro called L'Artusi in SoHo.  We had a bunch of small plates but we were so ravenous I barely pulled out my camera in time to capture the beautiful fried sunchokes, the perfectly al dente Garganelli with mushroom ragu or the grilled octopus with potatoes, chilies, olives and pancetta.  We loved it. Enjoy the pix from restaurantgirl.com and  always hungry ny
(picture compliments of nycgo.com)
Afterward, we hopped over to Little Branch, a tiny underground bar that had great jazz and what I liked the most is that the bartenders were extremely conscientious about their cocktail making.  They hand chipped large squares of ice from a solid block and made old school libations in smaller, vintage-looking martini glasses.  I had a virgin ginger soda with lime and sugar cane which was almost as good as a real cocktail and Silas had some concoction of gin and bitters and Pernod.  It was the bartenders choice.

The next morning; french press coffee to heal the jet lag.


D and D.  The most beautiful specialty store on earth.  I was wishing I had a kitchen to cook some of that beautiful fish in.


My favorite restaurant in NY.  We didn't go this time but the magnetic force pulling us towards its awnings was strong.

So.  Babbo.  Very exciting for me to report - we walked in, when they opened, at 530 on Friday evening and scored seats at the bar for a quick bite before the show.  I tried to take pictures of the food, but believe me, you don't want to see it.  Sometimes pictures of food, when the lighting is right, can be great.  Other times, in fact most times, it looks like dog food.  Here's a photo from Tasty Good Times.
(photo from la esquina website and below from here)

Rock of Ages was phenomenal.  I highly recommend it.  It was a 2 hour hair band concert, more or less, with all the songs that just bring you back.  Styx, Foreigner, Motley Crew, Poison, Damn Yankees, etc.  Pictures of Times Square from the cab. La Esquina and our late night after-show dinner of heavy mexican before bed.  After a few Don Julios on the rocks (drunk by husband, not by me)  Silas and I started designing what the bar would look like in our dream house.   We decided its going to be a full blown tequileria with artwork like this macabre piece about and brick walls and tile.  I was up until 130!  I deserve a prize.  And I got one.

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