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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A lot of fashion bloggers do occasional "what's in my purse" posts so we can peek into their lives and see what they can't live without, what their staples are, maybe even see some surprises and deals that we want to partake of ourselves.  Since food is my life, I thought a "what's in my cupboard" post was in order.  There's a lot going on but I can sift through the madness and tell you what I always buy, keep in stock and get on my weekly to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods runs (I'm not really a fan of other chain grocery stores like Albertson's or Von's. They're just not as much fun!)

So here's the fridge.  AND my grocery list.

Top shelf

I always have almond milk in my fridge.  Always.  If I run out I get it asap.  I'm that obsessed.  

Overboard is a rad hangover drink that my friends invented.  Its delicious and good for sports or just general hydration.  

We always have pickles and olives around because my husband eats them like crazy.  We also like martinis.

Grapes from Trader Joe's but more in the summertime.  Great snack.

2nd Shelf

Probiotics n' peanut butter.  I always have several nut butters in my fridge.  Almond, Organic Peanut & Sunbutter along with St Dalfour jams to make a PB&J.  I have PB &J on a frozen wheat free waffle almost every morning.

I like to eat half an apple and stick it on top of some plastic container so I don't have to wrap it in plastic.  Weird, huh.

TJ's organic greek yogurts and eggs are a constant staple too.  I make honey an egg on toast almost every morning.  I like mine hard boiled with butter in a dainty egg cup.  Oh, I'm so dainty.

Parm cheese & feta are old standby's too.

For proteins I like to always have ground turkey, 2 chicken breasts, maybe a steak or 2 and ground organic beef.  Actually all organic as often as humanly possible.  I just want to make sure the animals are taken care of and lived good lives.

Left drawer always has carrots, bag of lettuce, english cuke and avocado.  Right drawer always has flax meal and half opened bags of nuts and dried berries.

Bottom drawer has alternative a regular flours stuffed in the back, chardonnay in the middle and whatever else I can't fit in the front, like kale & asparagus from the farmers market.

My grocery list almost always looks like this;

ezekial and milton's whole grain bread (one for me, one for hubby)
Greek Yogurt
Bran Cereal
wheat free waffles
almond milk
coconut milk creamer
organic burger/buffalo meat
turkey sliced and ground
organic chicken breasts
frozen berries
banana & grapefruit
peas, brussels, arugula, asparagus
sliced black diamond cheddar
babybel, laughing cow
skipjack tuna wild caught

Bye fo now.

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