Georgetown Cupcake has landed

Friday, March 22, 2013

So when I say Georgetown cupcake has landed, I mean as far as I'm concerned.  I live at the beach and don't know how new and hip and of the moment these city spots are.  I used to, when I spent my corporate day job combing Zagats and Citysearch looking for the latest gem instead of entering data.  Ah, I miss those days of filling up the final hour on the clock with water cooler chatter. 

So anyways, cupcakes.  These are pretty insane.  I really went in for my son, you know, for potty training rewards and stuff, obvi.  I chose vanilla birthday cake for him, gluten free peanut butter fudge for me and a chocolate ganache and salted caramel for the hubs.  I didn't taste his and there were not pinch marks in the frosting nor were there tiny quarters cut out of his.  Not me. I'm gluten free.

PS the gluten free cupcakes was pretty amaze.  I know most of the bakeries who don't specialize in GF products just up the sugar, but for what it was worth, it was damn good.

Eatin & Wearin your green

Sunday, March 17, 2013
Green eggs and cakes. And bangers.

Corned beef, potatoes, purple carrots & leeks, bubbling away in the crock pot.  Recipe here.

Gluten free Irish soda bread from Elana's pantry

I know it's been a long and pitiful break since my last post and am I proud of that? No. I am sad. I miss you and our time together. I miss taking out of focus, poorly lit pics of my half eaten food from restaurants and telling you how divine it was.

It's time to get my blog groove back.

I had enough energy and inspiration today to whip a few festive St Patrick Day dishes mainly in honor of my dad who always knocked on my bedroom door before school in the morning to make sure I was wearing my green. He makes the best Irish stew and for some strange reason I enjoyed the traditional "boiled dinner" with him when my mom & sister turned up their noses at it. Who doesn't like salty meat, cabbage, carrots & potatoes, boiled within an inch of their lives and slathered with mustard and horseradish? Duh.

Anyways call it our special little holiday. I'm feelin' it today. Cheers Dad!
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