Shannon's Baby Shower

Monday, April 29, 2013
Cupcakes from Frosted Bakery

Even the gifts were explosions of color! (apologies for these blurry photos - i'm dizzy)

Hot pink and orange still a match made in heaven

Damn I want a giant glass of sangria right now

Lunch is served
A hearty quinoa salad I just kept adding stuff to
A welcoming platter (for me, anyway)
Labeled cheeses and fruits
Cornichons and other accoutrements
(blurry) mushrooms that hubs enjoyed taste testing all week
Perfectly roasted salmon a la Ina Garten
The spread

I catered another friends event on Saturday.  It was fun!  She chose herb stuffed mushrooms, a cheese platter minus the charcuterie as its not prego-friendly (I subbed fruits and fruit pastes and nuts and pickles!), roasted salmon with basil cream & a star studded quinoa salad packed with goodies and dressed with one of my fave vinaigrette recipes.  This catering thing was intimidating at first, and granted I've only done it for family and friends thusfar, but its really rewarding to do if you're very organized about your time.  Its also nice for the moment to just depend on yourself and not have to delegate orders.  I'll get to that stage but for now, I like doing it myself.  I tend to be a bit bossy in the kitch ;).  I'm blessed to be surrounded by people who appreciate my food and happy to have the opportunity to be creative outside the mom role.  It feels really good right now.

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