Club de Lecture and what I bought

Wednesday, July 25, 2012
Great for making sun tea
I usually use cloth but I don't always enough! Jeesh!
Big hunk o salmon
I have grown quite fond of my chalkboard menu thank you very much

It was my turn to host book club and since the book (50 Shades, duh...) was randy and smutty I though a French theme was in order. So I made my fave Salmon Nicoise salad and took the ladies out to the backyard for a garden party.  We munched on walnut blue cheese dip, a cheese platter and sipped champagne.  Then we sat around the tale for an hour or 2 discussing who should play Christian Grey in the movie, and nibbling a scrumptious cherry crumble.  Book club is way funner than I imagined it being all these years I avoided it.

Other notable purchases on WIBW: Giant BPA free plastic pitchers for sun tea and the like, scores of entertaining napkins and a big ole slab of salmon for the Nicoise.  Recipe here.

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