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Wednesday, September 14, 2011
So delish it got me back into G+T's
I went to run a few errands today and got lured into Whole Foods and Sur La Table.  AGAIN.  I created reasons why I needed stuff.  I really do need this stuff though.  

So I've been reading all over about this Q Tonic and I decided to buy it.  It is just as delicious as its alluring description of hand-picked quinine and agave and everything else that flicks my bic.  I recommend buying it in smaller bottles though because it loses its fizz fast and I don't use enough in a weekend to justify wasting an entire bottle (Thank god).  The smaller bottle come in a 4-pack and Ginger flavor too!  I can't wait to try it.
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So these are obviously essentials, some I already own and just wanted to give myself some cute updates.  I always used to buy those decorative dishwashing gloves because they are so cute and funny with burberry trim and what not but I have to say these blue ones take the cake for durability and I am washing a bottles ALL DAY LONG.  

I always had a microplane grater but didn't think about the fact that there are varying grate widths to make your life even easier.  This one is coconut, hard cheese and chocolate!  I intend to own every one cuz I like my gear and stuff.

This Chai below is super spicy and I was on a wicked Chai kick. Its awesome diluted with almond milk on ice. 

Sorry to throw y'all with the format change but I couldn't figure out how to get my cursor below this picture.  Someday when I have a fabulous web designer to pimp my blog I'll get it right.

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