Sugar-free and Xylitol-filled

Monday, January 16, 2012

NOW my big diet change is trying to focus away from sugar.  I am going on a cleanse in about 10 days and need to prepare myself for all fruits and veggies, all the time.  I tend to slip into candida symptoms so I need to cool it with the sugar.  Its addictive to me anyway, the more I eat the more I want more.  And the more processed the better.  I am not a huge fan of stevia because it tastes chemical-y to me even though its "all natural"  I am a fan of xylitol in some things, although I don't care for the "menthol" sensation.  I haven't tried erythritol because it sounds like a geriatric pharmaceutical.  But I'm open to it.  I love this recipe for banana date walnut muffins on elana's pantry.  Its great and you can hardly detect the sugar-freeness of it all.  I've dusted off my grain free cookbooks and i'm diving in.  Wish me luck.

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