NYE 2011, Family style...

Wednesday, January 4, 2012
Happy Family New Years 2011!

Not quite the Mondrian this year

Our festive table

Alex is the salad queen - dates, feta and spicy greens
Decanted a gifted wine...

Dined on tenderloin roast...

...parsnip/cauli puree and sauteed sliced brussels

Ahhh the organized, self timed, always perfect family photo
Our 2nd annual family NYE since I tried to pay most of my sitters double but no.  No thanks.  I was excited to be home but a little bummed I couldn't make it until the ball drop.  I got all excited to watch it after seeing "New Years Eve" but hubs woke me up from a deep guttural snore at 1130.  We dined on tenderloin roast prepared simply; Santa Maria seasoning, worcestershire, and grilled.  Parsnips and cauliflower puree was the starch as hubs said my suggestion of au gratin potatoes sounded like "too much of a gutt bomb".  I am so sad Alex's dessert did not make it in to the photo collection.  It was a gorgeous spiced molten chocolate cake with homemade ice cream and some interesting spices in that too like chai or something?  God it was gorge.  A couple self timed group photos and the boys made us call it a night.  The ittle fussy ones, not the big fussy ones.  I am super stoked on 2012.  Its going to be a really good one.  I can feel it. : )

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