Dining For Women

Friday, January 6, 2012

Baby? What Baby?  We don't have a baby

Grubbin T-giving style

Dining for Women is a group that I'm proud to have become a member of.  Its a group of women in the South Bay that get together once a month and have a potluck party with wine, delicious dishes and interesting conversation.  We all contribute what we think we would pay for a night out with the girls or more, and there's a different charity every month.  Its interesting because its women from all walks of life.  I know a handful of them but the others are friends of friends, neighbors, clients, colleagues, yoga teachers, etc etc.  Its fun to get outside of your clique and meet new gals and do something charitable while your at it.  I hosted November and made it a Thanksgiving theme, obvi!  Such a fun spread.  Pictured are from left, sweet potato and butternut squash casserole, red skinned mashed potatoes, turkey with stuffing and pear and stilton salad over arugula.  I never get enough of T-giving.

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  1. I looked into joining the group in my area! Hope I hear back from them. :)


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