Delish Grain Free Almond Bread!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

So you guys know me by now.  I am mostly gluten free, I like my alternative baking.  The cleanest and easiest recipes around as far as I'm concerned are from Elana's Pantry.  Ther are clearly laid out and don't have a million ingredients (or ingredientses as Theresa from the Jersey housewives would say).  I can't stand recipes that call for 8 variations of grain flours; spelt, teff, tapioca, brown rice...then you're running around Whole foods paying top $ for a shelf full of flours that take up real estate in your fridge and you use once a year.  Not for me.  This recipe is wonderful.  The only 2 flours you need are coconut and almond.  I thought I wouldn't use the 5 lb bag from amazon that cost me $36 a wack but lo and behold I'm on my 3rd bag!  And coconut flour has a variety of uses as a thickener.  The bread is yummy and full of protein and doesn't make me all bloated.  Winner!

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