Heart Palpettones

Saturday, January 14, 2012

I was desperate to make something out of the ground turkey I had defrosting in the fridge, about to pass its prime and expire. I always do this. I buy a pound of organic, humanely treated hormone free turkey when I'm at whole foods because I don't know when I'll be back, and I knew I needed some for a recipe but I can't remember what it was or just doesn't sound good to me right now that I have to use it and it is a pretty pathetic form of poultry, lacking juice, flavor, depth...why the f do I keep buying it? So I'm on the food network looking through recipe after recipe of turkey burgers and meatloaf and chilli because that's basically all you can do with it. I scroll down to the most fabulous, renowned chefs because I assume they can make ANYTHING taste good. I found a Mario Batali recipe for palpettone di tachino. I lacked a few crucial flavor ingredients like sausage and prosciutto, but I trusted the method and they came out quite delish for ground turkey. It was satisfying to pull out the pasta sauce pan and make a quick tomato sauce from scratch to have for future lazy Mondays. I served them in a bowl with a deconstructed greekish salad with romaine, cherry toms, peppers and feta. Mangia mangia.

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