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Wednesday, June 30, 2010
My friend told me about a site called Elana's Pantry which features lots of gluten-free treats, recipes and info on it.  I didn't really look into it at the time since I wasn't fully gluten-free, but with my new diet changes for the next few months, I've been paying attention lately.  There was a really interesting post yesterday about how she found out she had Celiac disease, and how she gets around it in her cooking and everyday life.  This led me to an irresistible picture of a brownie...

...which led me to make them, which led me to make her Double Almond Chocolate Chip cookies the next day.

Gluten-free doesn't look so bad, does it?  I used grain-sweetened chocolate chips and half honey, half agave for the sweetener.

Yes, sometimes I get on a roll.  Anyways, you should definitely check out her site.  The 2 desserts I made were delish and the info very handy.

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