My New BFF's

Tuesday, June 8, 2010
Good Karma Rice Dream Ice Cream in Mudd pie.  This makes me not miss ice cream or yogurt land at all.  A totally acceptable frozen treat indulgence.

Daiya Shredded vegan cheese.  It kinda freaks me out sometimes, but it IS amazing.  Its like crack for vegans.

Mesa sunrise cereal.  Its hearty and yummy if your into that sort of thing.  Load it up with pecans, sliced almonds, sunflower seeds, sliced strawberries and bananas, raisins and a few spoons of flax seeds or ground flax meal.  Super energizing before your workout!

Unsweetened almond milk.  I sub it for anything that requires dairy and haven't had a prob yet.  Actually, I haven't attempted Panna Cotta with it.  That might be a mistake.

Soy yogurt.

Tortilla chips and salsa.  Barrels full of em.

Van's Gluten-free waffles.  No yeast neither.  Every morning, with almond butter and St Dalfour jam.  Good times.

Brown rice and quinoa pasta.  I can make a really delish homemade marinara, turkey meatballs with no breadcrumbs and never miss the real deal.  I've even tricked honey on occasion.  I throw it into soups too.  Hard to detect in minestrone.

And of course the occasion indulgence, just to keep me balanced.  These actually work for a lot of uses.  My fave brands.

                   source                                                                           source

These are my new friends for the next 3 months.  Friends, meet my tummy.

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