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Tuesday, June 22, 2010
We went to BOA in Hollywood Saturday night and to my surprise it was amazing.  It was the biggest scene.  The skirts were high and the boobs...were out.  As usual I had a to ask a million questions before I started ordering, but the waiter was extremely helpful and accommodating and I had maybe the best piece of steak ever.  In my life.  It was called Wagyushu and it was some combination hybrid steak.  Whatever.  It was YUMMY.  Also streaked with fat which is probably why it was so tasty.  But for all you non-dairy, gluten free fans, they do not cook the steak in butter and they prepared all the beggies in oil.  Everything was just as good if not better than if it were butter-laden.  


We had...

I was so full I wasn't even sad for the free dessert and glasses of champagne they brought over at the end.  Swear.  (sniff).

After we went to super-exclusive Soho Hpouse West Hollywood.  It was mellow and gorgeous.  I lasted till 12am if I don't say.  It was nice to get out of the bubble with my man.

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