Friday, June 4, 2010
Ok so here is my fave snack on this crazy new diet.  I take a corn thin (its like a rice cake but made with corn and thinner), spread it with sunflower butter and add St Daflour fruit-sweetened jam.  Since I can only have cane sugar every 4 days, this is a nice snack to kinda satisfy my sweet tooth.  And I loooove PB and J.  In all forms!

For lunch I had my most favorite quinoa salad, and a bowl of leftover beef and cannelloni minestrone from the night before.  The soup was so good!  Its Giada's recipe and its so simple and tasty.  Good with some fresh shards of parmesano reggiano on top (I can eat the raw milk kind, just every 4 days).
Another lunch option is this one I had the other day; carrot leek soup with one of Trader Joe's Italian Country salads (minus the cheese)  actually come to think of it, minus the super garlicky vinaigrette it comes with.  Your breath/husband/girlfriend/wife/boyfriend/coworkers will thank you.  Instead use Briana's french style vinaigrette. Its yummy and clean.

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