Things I Love

Sunday, June 6, 2010
Cereal.  I eat mine in the morning and evening and always have almond milk, raisins and strawberries or bananas on it.

Soup. The ultimate comfort food!  Sometimes I pray for a rainy day in SoCal, just so I can make some.  I'm kinda obsessed with Le Pain Quotidien's Gazpacho.  They always have it and they top it with juliennes of mango, avocado, radish and cucumber with a slice of lemon and a little dollop of pesto oil.  Its so good it almost makes me not miss cake.  Almost.

Cake.  I've always just loved wedding cake.  White cake and white fluffy frosting.  The more confectioner's sugar and lard the better.  Its just good.

Pancakes.  More cake please!  I'm really not the craziest sweet eater like I seem right now but I am a kid at heart and some mornings I need my pancakes.  Even a frozen waffle will do on weekdays but I heart my pancakes.



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