Highlights from the Boston Shower!

Thursday, July 15, 2010
My dear dear Elizabeth threw me a shower in Boston on Saturday.  It was great to be home and bond with family and friends. 

She made it a zen, "green" theme!

She even made me special gluten and dairy free appetizers like hummus and bruschetta on rice crackers.  Check out the non-sushi sushi!  I'm totally making this one at home.  I think I housed the whole platter!

The cake was NOT gluten-or-dairy free but I had to have it so kill me.  It was from a bakery in walpole called butter and it was uh-may-zing.  Worth the bloat and belly ache.


My friend Carolee came to surprise me for the event!  Josie, my mom-in-law gave me Silas' hat from the day he was born.  It was so tiny...!  I love seeing friends and family.  What a great day.

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