What I bought wednesday

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I was in a snacky mood today.  I had to get snacks for hubs and child and maybe myself so I was eyeing all kinds of fun things at TJ's because they always have fun things.  That mojo bar is my kind of snack bar.  Its like a pay day with caramel and pretzel.  Its kinda ridiculous. 

I thought the baked lentil chips would be a nice alternative to hummus dipping.  They are quite peppery.  I have always been into the adzuki bean chips because I feel like I'm eating a healthy tortilla chip and they're super thin and crispy and just perfectly flavorful.  A little sweet almost.  Hubs thinks the olive oil chips are the best ones he's ever had.  "There's no reason to buy any other chip" said he, but I've heard that before when I bought him Milton's gourmet whote sandwich bread.  Then he OD'ed on it.  

The kind and lara bars truly are the  kindest snack you can have because although they are processed, they are still just nuts and dried fruit crammed together and very little else.  The peanut butter cookie is a really tasty dessert when you don't care to indulge too crazily.

And thats what I bought folks.  See ya next Wednesday.

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