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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I skyped with my friend Gretchen the other day and she reminded me of a cookbook that I had stashed away, not really knowing what to do with.  It is slightly controversial, because it really goes against traditional health beliefes but I believe its right on.  Its simple.  It basically talks about how we need to eat more butter and animal fat  and less gluey, lowfat excuses for bread, fake sugar and margarine.  It talks about vegetable oil being the devil because of how its processed commercially, and how those companies basically pay off the Government to keep quiet about its health side effects.  Its really wild but such interesting reading and makes sense.  Then this came across in my Day 9 detox email;

"Did you know the first recorded case of Myocardial infarction (Heart Attack due to clogging of the arteries) was in 1928 in the US?  What do you suppose people ate back before the 1920's?  Well, they ate butter, lard, eggs, meat and so on.  What they didn't eat was margarine, corn oil, processed sugar, bleached wheat and pasteurized dairy.  To top it off, they got quite a bit of exercise just going about their normal routine.

Heart Disease, cancer, diabetes and other diseases are all skyrocketing today.  Of course stress is a major contributor to this, but we would do well to eat more like our ancestors and avoid the "bankrupt" foods being marketed to us today as 'healthy'.  It is less expensive to eat well and certainly lends to greater health.

As always, be skeptical and do your own research.  This is the only way to truly feel comfortable about ignoring 'trends' and sticking to the basics."

Coincidence? Crazy!  I invite you to open this book and just check out a few pages.  You will totally get sucked in to its philosophy.  AND you don't have to ask me twice to eat 2 eggs for breakfast with heavy cream and butter.

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