Lunch with the boys

Saturday, February 25, 2012
Perfectly grilled salmon
Huge grilled chick salad!
Think someone's interested?

I had lunch with the boys yesterday.  We ate at Turquoise in Redondo Riviera and had salmon salad, chicken and finished off with 22 degrees prebiotic gelato.  That place is amazing.  They have flavors like Chrysanthemum Flower, Cinnamon Vietnamese Cassia, Wasabi raspberry, Jalapeno Chocolate and Adzuki bean.  The gelato is loaded with prebiotic inulin to help digestion and supposedly has more fiber than a half lb. of broccoli.  But of course I got the boring madagascar vanilla bean, peanut butter chocolate chip and milk chocolate.  Its so hard for me to steer from my fave ice cream flavors.  Maybe tonight I will.  We are going to Abigaile in Hermosa Beach and I hear all they serve for dessert is Strauss Creamery soft serve with toppings like salt caramel and chili oil.  I loves me some soft serve.  I'm sorry, was I on a cleanse recently.  Yes, I was. 

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