Sad Day, Good Eats

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sunday was a sad, sad day.  I spent all Saturday making this vanilla "bean cake" with 65% cacao fair trade chocolate/coconut milk frosting and they lost.  I had images in my head of me carrying it out triumphantly to my husband on the couch, still beaming with victory.  I was kind of afraid to show it to him, and he didn't even want any.  He was too depressed.  Well, I was sad, but not too sad to have some and let me tell you it HIT THE SPOT.  I put a dollop of raw whipped cream on the side but it didn't even need it.  The perfect sweetness, tender and moist, yummy flavor, you would never know it was made out of BEANS.  I tell, this girl has it down.  

I ate my cake alone in the kitchen, a little ashamed to be conducting any celebratory behavior.

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