The best milkshake in the world

Thursday, February 9, 2012

So we've been into raw dairy products lately.  Like really into them.  We opened up this book, and from there it was ON.  I've been giving it to Dax, using it in hubs' coffee and now this milkshake.  Its really amazing this stuff.  It has pretty much the same calories and saturated fat as regular pasteurized milk but yet it tastes like cream.  The raw butter tastes like what I remember butter tasting like when it came off the churn of some Pilgrim community on a grade school field trip.  So I made hubs a milkshake (or a frappe as we say on the East coast) with coconut ice cream, 70% cacao chocolate and 1/2 cup of this.  So there it is.  The best milkshake ever.

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