What I bought Wednesday

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Is this the most random lineup you've ever seen?  Well, I'm going to explain it to you.

1. I got my hair highlighted.  A lot.  So this is so it doesn't fall out of my head.  Kerastase is truly the best and I kinda scored but it just happened to be 20% where I get my hair done at Hush Up.  Awwwwwsooooome.

2. I'm trying to stock up on healthy, cleaner pastas and they are easy eats for Dax.  He shoveled away quite a bit of the quinoa elbows that  I threw into the homemade chicken soup I made, so I'm happy.  The quinoa is the hardest to detect from real pasta.  I swear.

3. Another good food eating tactic for feeding a toddler.  Freeze tried crunchy veggies.  I'll get them in him any way I can.

4.  I am slightly obsessed with chia seeds and their sperm like appearance when soaked.  I made a tapioca-like pudding with almond milk and agave and let it sit in the fridge.  Its weirdly yummy and Dax ate a LOT of it the other morning.  Did you know chia seeds are loaded with protein?  Rad.

All food products purchased a Sprout Farmers Market.  Its like Indie Whole Foods.

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