Sunday Funday BBQ

Thursday, March 8, 2012

It was so gorgeous on Sunday I couldn't take it.  

Had to invite a few friends over and have an impromptu BBQ.  I was dying for vodka lemonade so I created my own lightened up version with fresh lemons and agave and soda.  I bought some pre-marinated tri tip and marinated my own chicken with my fave recipe here.  It was a really nice evening.  Dax ran around outside until dusk, it was warm and beautiful, everyone was in a good mellow mood and reggae was flowing through the speakers as was the wine (not through the speakers).

It was one of those Life Is Good kind of evenings.  

The last pic is kinda funny because I am obsessed with the new iphone app Pose.  You take a pic of yourself and then tap on each article of clothing or jewely or accessory and you can select the designer/brand.  Its kind of addictive.  I cheated a bit because I borrowed my friend's coveted Hermes clutch.  He he.  What are your fave iphone apps as of late?

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