Dinner for one

Friday, March 16, 2012

I love it when my dude goes out of town because I get to make my fave dinner: eggs.  Its just easy, you get your protein, and he never wants breakfast for dinner so its like my special treat.  Sometimes I even pour myself a bowl of cereal which is so unlike me but also an indulgence just because of that!

So a group of gals and I have been exchanging recipes lately and this one came along with poached eggs over herbed lentils with truffle oil and parmesan and I just had to go for it.  I could've thrown it together for breakfast had I prepared lentils but it seems so simple and elegant and French to have for dinner for some reason. 

I pared it up with a simple avocado, tomato and cuke salad and a glass of Albarino and I was happy as a damn clam.

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