Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pix from here

we ate

shaved brussel sprouts  | almond brown butter, meyer lemon, parmesan
burrata  | roasted mushroom duxelle, white truffle oil, spiced honey, walnut toast, sea salt
fried slab bacon & rogue creamery smokey blue cheese  | red wine glazed onion, watercress
crispy pork belly confit  | bacon-green lentil ragout, poached farm egg, chives

cocktail: honey badger [sweet + flavorful] buffalo trace, barenjager, fresh lemon juice, chai simple, soda

too stuffed for dessert but behold the menu!

i'm sorry but that's just creative.  a friend did have the chili oil and said it kinda burnt her mouth off but kudos for originality.

It was so good.  I love that some good restaurants are finally popping up in the old South bay.

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