Deceptive cooking for kids

Thursday, March 22, 2012
Pumpkin mac with brown rice pasta
Quinoa instead of breadcrumbs in the meatballs
Spinach brownies a la Deceptively delicious

I took a cooking class last week which turned out to be a wonderful little gift because I had forgotten what I had signed up for.  I knew it was something about cooking for your family, and them enthusiastically eating it and everyone loving it and world peace and all that.  It ended being cooking for your family, taught by a holistic-health-coach-nutritionist extravaganza lady who was so darling and charming.  She was newly prego and very nausious around food so I commended her for even being there and not on the couch with saltines and chicken n' stars.  

I love this type of class, obvi.  80% gluten-free, veggies galore, smoothies, coconut milk, quinoa, brownies, duh, awesome! I love sneaking nutrients into otherwise "normal" dishes.  I love healthy substitutions.  I love a health counselor's take on it.

My kind of class.

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