Dinners for one

Saturday, May 21, 2011
Gluten free crostini

Crisping up the proscuitto

Loves my Torrontes

Yolk and asparagus - the perf match

Eggs and more eggs

I actually get really excited when my husband goes out of town or out for the night because a. I only have to make dinner for one b. I make whatever I want c. it usually involves eggs which he never allows on the dinner table. Please notice the abundance of eggs in these shots.  I usually snack a little and make myself some egg dish, super simple and rustic, and some type of toast/open-faced sandwich or crostini creation with brown rice tortillas.

So to break it down my go to open faces crostini/sandwich/panini whatever you want to call it are a slice of really good cheese broiled on a crispy brown rice tortilla (or toast for the gluten-lover)  And my fave avocado toast.  I make this every week.

The egg asparagus creation is just me hands down.  I found the recipe here on one of my fave cooking blogs, Framed. The egg on rice is just a super easy combo that a friend of mine I used to work with always told me was her favorite dinner, with a side of tomato salad.  Pour yourself a glass of Torrontes and is just doesn't get more simple, satisfying and delish.

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