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Tuesday, May 10, 2011
My very first CSA box!

The perfect bite of gluten-free chocolate

My new fave cereal fo sho

Never seen the gluten-free oat flour before had to get

Inside the CSA box...

Maple bacon marshmallows - what I didn't buy.  Next time


Can't wait to see what recipes await me
Hibiscus Kombucha

A lot of fashion bloggers like to blog about what they wore.  One gal made a living off hers.  That's rad.  So here's my foodie version - what I bought.  At the grocery store.  This week was supposed to be just a quick visit to go pick up my very first Community Supported Agriculture box.  I was so excited!  Its the most brilliant thing I think I've ever done.  So that was my intention, but I had a little time to kill, Dax was being really good, so why not do my favorite thing and mosey around Whole Foods, looking for fun new products to try?

I started in the bakery/coffee bar section because I remembered my husband told me there was Kombucha on tap there and I'm a total kombucha nut.  They had Pineapple ginger and Hibiscus.  I walked away with the latter after a taste because Jamaica is my second favorite non-alcoholic beverage.  As is was waiting for my brew I perused the display of non-high fructose-corn-syrup-containing marshmallows in some pretty sinful flavors.  I really thought long and hard about taking home the Maple Bacon flavor, but I figured either I'd be sick of them after 2-3 or worse; I'd eat them all.  After I tossed the vanilla flavor in my cart I turned around to face the cookie selections.  I love Laura's Wholesome Junk Food cookies but I end up eating the whole container myself so I tried out these flourless chocolate babies.  Its like the perfect bite of chocolate that you're craving after dinner (or lunch or breakfast).  I know because I ate one stopped at a red light.  I needed something to wash down the cereal.

So I had written down that I wanted to try this cereal (i read about it in natural health or something) and totally forgot about it and then I randomly picked it up and decided to try it because it looked good and was gluten-free. It is SO good.  It reminds me of the Kix flavore but so much more going on and delish flavor which is tough for gluten free sometimes.  I have been putting it on top of my greek yogurt mixed with blueberries and stevia.

While we are on the topic of yogurt...

My friend Caroline who I ran into while shopping INSISTED I buy this yogurt insanity called Noosa.  It comes in a little container with a flavor on the bottom in a soupy layer like mango or blueberry.  It looks tame but it is not.  It kills.  I had one bite when I got home and it took every bone in my body not to finish it.  The fat content is up there because its crazy full fat yogurt but its truly like ice cream and its just...sublime.  You must try it.

It was like christmas day opening that csa box.  Really pretty veggies and fruit, perfectly ripe strawberries, HUGE scallions, swiss chard, golden beets, giant chunky carrots...now I have to dig up some recipes and get cooking.  Or juicing.

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