Friday, September 21, 2012
Some of the best olive oil we've ever tasted, from The Butcher shop
A giant Beefeater martini at Del Frisco's Harborside
Boats in the Hahbah
Dax dumped a bucket of water on himself and had to borrow his cousin Annabella's pretty cami
Too much ice cream with your cousins is always a good thing
Heaven outside our door

As you saw from my culinary tour last week we spent some time in Boston and here are just a few snapshots of the memories.  I never fully get over my homesickness.  Its hard when you grew up super close with all of your cousins and you feel like you entire family and heart lives very far away.  Even harder once you have kiddos.  I will continue to create a way to see everyone at least four times a year and I will manifest a home on the East coast, preferably in DT Boston.  And so it is...

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