Barbara Lynch owns Boston

Friday, September 14, 2012
We really dug the Fancy Sweets
Icy cold glass of rose
I like that they give you a "legend" to your oysters so You know what you're slurping
Bread, blue and honey butter @The Butcher Shop
Charcuterie, olives and tartar

We started out our Boston culinary tour this year with a food crawl to our fave old school spots.  Barbara Lynch apparently OWNS Boston because all her restaurants are amaze and there are many.  Number 9 Park, The Butcher shop and B and G Oyster just to name a few.  We started our journey at B and G and probably ate 1 1/2 - 2 dozen I would say.  The rose wine was just so darn refreshing bc it was almost 90 out.  After leisurely scarfing down those it was on to the Butcher Shop so we could stand around the block and enjoy some red and some of the best tartar I've ever head, surrounded by aging meats.  Thats a date night for me.  I just don't see why you can't find these types of culinary gems in the small towns we live in in LA.  Its not fair, I say.

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