Gluten free donuts & Tender Greens

Friday, September 7, 2012
Take That, Dunkee's!
Lemon poppy and gluten free!!!
Sorry about the sucky flash but how rad are my tangerine nails?
Ribbons of healthy deliciousness

I've been experimenting with my healthy baked gluten free donut recipes as of late and its been a lot of fun.  (The experimenting AND the eating, obvi).  I saw this donut pan on amazon and I thought; Will I use it? Will it cause increased donut consumption?  Yes and kind of.  Yes I have made several batches of donuts already and I have of course tasted them, but I send them to the gym/work with hubs so its all good.  No visible weight gain yet.  I am not only working to make these goodies gluten free which I basically know how to do from years of research, but the tricky part is replicating the super sugary glaze and sweet cake without sugar.  Raw honey, agave, coconut sugar (in small amounts) and stevia have all been my friends here.  The best recipes I have found so far have been from the Spunky Coconut & The Urban Poser.  The perfection continues...

Checkout this salad I got from my fave salad place, Tender Greens.  Why don't they have one of these in South Bay?  Its just so simple and wonderful.  Super healthy, hearty salads with fresh local ingredients.  Is that so wrong??? This salad was a slew of veggies from the Farmer's right outside the front door, and they were all shaved paper thin with sprouted almonds and lemon herb dressing.  Really?? Perfection.

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