Pillow Fight

Thursday, May 9, 2013
The Party in all its stuffed glory
The gray chevron are the new ones.  Note how flat other pillows look.
Look at how much these liven up my 50 shades bedroom.
Dax couldn't help but join in.
Such professionals.
Ah, every angle is beauty.

My friend Norma caught the bug too.  Behold her guest room.
Her bedroom

My brillz friends threw a trunk show last week to promote their AMAZE new line of high end designer pillows!  They are so gorge I can't stand it.  I bought four to start, 2 for my couch and 2 for my bed, and I'm dreaming of where I can stuff more every day.  I'm going to put 3 on a backless bench at my dining room table. Why didn't I think of that before?  I'm going to spruce up my guest room accent pillows too.  Hell, I'll order a whole bunch when they come out with there outdoor line, you can bet your bottom dollar.  I had to share with you.  Don't you love how they liven up the room?  It really makes a difference when you make one small change to make you feel a little happier in your home. Check them out here!

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