Some Dim.

Thursday, October 11, 2012
Dramatic entrance
Gardena's Finest
Elaborate touches
Enjoying the entertainment
Koi out for a swim
Shockingly green bok choy!
Dont even ask me what these were.  Don't they look like sponges?
Quite the spread.  We couldn't say no
Little diners and moms
My friend Christiana's Birthday and her little one
An egg yolk colored filling with a sweet dough shell
Egg custard cups
Little fried sesame chewy dough with a plum paste inside
Bao or pork buns
My fave.  Rice and pork in banana leaf
Hasn't quite mastered chopsticks
Steamy buns and fried delectables
Everything you could ever dream up...
A traveling wok of sorts with omelets & rice cakes galore

I am super embarrassed to say, I went to Dim Sum for the first time recently.  I know, I know, being a huge foodie, you'd think it would be a tradition that I would welcome into my world.  I had always read about the insane places to have it in San Fransisco for Sunday brunch I never quite had the energy to drag myself to chinatown on a Sunday when I'm trying to get my sh@t together for a flight.  Excuses, excuses.  Enter the Sea Empress in Gardena.  Apparently there's a line around the corner and down the street on weekends.  I accompanied my friends and their gorgeous children for a birthday lunch, and thye totally schooled me.  I was like "should I try this? And this?" There were all; "When in doubt, just say yes".  I tell ya, I didn't know half of what I was eating but I'm ok with that, and it all tasted good.  Its kind of crazy because these little cart people come around quite rapidly leaving you little time to even focus on whats in front of you.  After eating a million little meals, I said "Should we get a dessert for the kids, to keep them busy?"  The girls laughed at me and said "This is dessert!  Its brunch".  Ahhh.  What an amateur.

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