Brunch for Anti Brunchers

Wednesday, October 3, 2012
Cool, modern
Just Gorge
My fave flave
Homemade twinks?  Really?
Neat flaves
ALMOST too pretty to eat
It ain't brunch without Champs
From left, S'mores, Lemon Meringue
The most rich and delish deconstructed lobster mac n cheese
Tuna tartar with uni.  Decadance.
Mowing red velvet twinkies
Hamachi tacos.  Check out size in relation to fork.
Octopus and proscuitto pizza
Ahhhh motherland!

Homemade pop tart.

I'm so not a brunch gal. But this place is just rad.  Indie music at an enjoyable volume, not over packed, amazing desserts taunting you from a glass cage...its brunch heaven.  I had a nice pour of bubbly to take the edge off of a hot day and we vowed to do it again in another few weeks.  I might be changed for life.  

Notable dishes: Tuscan Kale Chopped Salad / Maitake / Pecorino / cherries / chili & garlic vinaigrette Kampachi "Tacos" / hijiki / radish / crème fraiche Spicy Octopus Pizza / prosciutto / arugula. On the menu but didn't try; beef cheek hash, bone marrow matzo ball soup and a salmon cubano.

Also exciting and worth a trip back: boozy pitchers of Kool-Aid and  a cocktail made with cocoa pebbles and bourbon. Score.

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