Theme: Mini Night

Thursday, May 17, 2012

I went to a friend's themed dinner party last month and it was really lovely.  The theme was all things mini (i.e., tapas style) and everyone really got excited about it and put in some effort.  The host was especially vigilant in her efforts.  She had made mini lamb gyros with mint jelly and yogurt sauce on mini pitas, and spanikopita from scratch.  She said her mother was greek so she was raised watching her mom prepare these delicacies.  We all had a shot of carrot orange ginger soup awaiting our place when we arrived.  There were mini caprese skewers, fruit salad kabobs, ceviche cups, and my fave go-to; Giada's spicy chile-cherry tomato gazpacho with polenta croutons.  Dessert was mini cookies and petite fours.  I love a good theme because it challenges me in the kitchen and creatively while also narrowing the broad choice of recipes down a bit. I get to stick to one specific portion of my folders as opposed to just the "chicken entree" section which can be daunting.

I can hardly wait for my theme next month; French Garden Party.  Stay tuned.

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